How to install the calculation programme

After download , to install the program with double click on the file SETUP.

  1. After installation, create a shortcut to the program and place it on your desktop.
  2. To launch the first time the program; it will open a mask that asks to send the code underlined in blue color to the suitable mail.
  3. To perform the operation using the two inferior buttons ( sends mail or copy in the clipboard and then paste on the mail).
  4. You will receive away mail a denominated file KEY that must be copied in the directory as explained.
  5.  The program is ready to start.

Attention: if the program doesn’t start, please verify to have installed on the computer the component JAVA. In negative case, it is necessary to download and install it.

Download the Pi-Belt Calculation Programme

The OP41 calculation programme makes it possible to calculate transmissions with V-belts, poly-V belts and toothed belts, by providing the size, ideal tensioning values and loads on the transmission axes.